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Elemental Excelerator

Technical Product Manager, Asset O&M



IT, Product
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2023
Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd., is one of the world´s largest and most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers for its high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ) and Talheim, Germany (Technology & Innovation HQ). Through its growing global business network spanning Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East, the company provides excellent services and long-term partnerships to its customers in the utility, commercial, government, and residential markets. Hanwha Q CELLS is a flagship company of Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE Global 500 firm and a Top 7 business enterprise in South Korea.
Our mission is to provide affordable and smart energy solutions through technology and innovation to create a sustainable future for the planet. We are expanding our business by offering revolutionary energy systems to residential customers including ESS, MLPE (power optimizers, micro-inverters), EV charging solutions, and Smart IoT with world-class solutions.
Position Overview
Qcells is looking for a Technical Product Manager, Asset Operations and Maintenance (O&M) to join our Global Product team. This role is vital in shaping a unified product roadmap, incorporating key milestones and dependencies that align with our strategic direction. The candidate will be instrumental in driving product governance and leveraging data-driven decision-making to forge a robust product strategy.
As we chart our path forward in the dynamic landscape of renewable energy solutions, our commitment to innovation must leverage the transformative potential of AI, IoT, Cloud+Edge computing, and Machine Learning. These technologies are more than just enablers; they are the driving force that will accelerate our product development cycles, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver personalized customer experiences.
By harnessing AI, we can predict trends and automate decision-making, reducing time-to-market for new offerings. IoT's real-time data capture across our product lines will facilitate smarter energy systems that respond instantaneously to changes in demand and supply. Cloud+Edge computing ensures our solutions are scalable and data-driven decisions are made swiftly, enhancing our responsiveness to market demands and customer needs.
The convergence of market dynamics and Qcells' strategic priorities necessitates a Technical Product Manager who can navigate complex technical and market landscapes. Our roadmap must reflect not only the robustness of our product offerings but also our agility to adapt to the shifting sands of the competitive and regulatory environments, as evidenced by our SWOT analysis.
This role is central to synthesizing input from customers, engineering, and market intelligence into a cohesive strategy. By driving product governance, this individual will ensure that decisions are made with a clear view of the market demands and technological possibilities, creating a product suite that not only leads in innovation but also in customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.
Bringing on a Technical Product Manager with the right blend of technical acumen and market insight will enable Qcells to maintain its leadership in the solar industry while capitalizing on emerging opportunities in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.


  • Partner with internal business teams and external partners to understand their needs and pain points regarding residential and global solar O&M processes.
  • Analyze data and user feedback to identify opportunities for improving asset performance, user experience, and data utilization within our O&M platform.
  • Collaborate with engineers, designers, and developers to define product requirements, specifications, and user stories for new features and functionalities in our internal O&M solution and Qcells customer portal.
  • Manage the product roadmap for O&M software components within the global planning team, ensuring alignment with business objectives and user needs.
  • Facilitate SWOT analysis to evaluate product positioning and identify areas for innovation and improvement.
  • Prioritize development backlogs and track progress towards timely delivery of features within budget and timeframe constraints.
  • Develop user-friendly documentation and training materials for new O&M features and functionalities.
  • Monitor and track the success of O&M solutions through key performance indicators (KPIs) and user feedback.
  • Actively participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute innovative ideas to optimize O&M operations and enhance the user experience.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, Computer Science, Business, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 3 years of program management experience in a technology-focused environment such as energy sector, renewable energy, or asset management.
  • Must possess a proven track record of successfully writing and managing Product Requirements Documents.
  • Proven expertise in market analysis and competitive intelligence.
  • Strong technical background with the ability to engage with engineering teams on detailed technical issues.
  • Excellent analytical, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams and drive results.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills, with the ability to articulate complex concepts to a variety of audiences.