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Elemental Excelerator
Elemental Excelerator

Head of industrialization



Paris, France
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2023
Who we are
At Genomines, our mission is to pioneer a new era of sustainable mining by using genetically enhanced plants to extract metals from the ground (agromining). Through synthetic biology and cutting-edge technology, we harness the power of nature to create bioengineered plants that can farm for metals while decontaminating soil and creating cleaner lands for agriculture. Our ultimate goal is to become the world's first carbon-negative mining group, using sustainable, eco-friendly methods to extract the valuable resources our society needs.
What we're looking for
Are you a visionary leader with a passion for driving innovation in the agromining industry? We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Head of Industrialization to spearhead our efforts in revolutionizing sustainable resource extraction. You will be central to our expansion strategy, driving the evolution and industrialization of our cutting-edge technologies. Joining a vibrant international team, you'll be a pivotal player in Genomines' next developmental phase, directly interacting with top management. Thriving in this role requires a fervent passion for innovation, expertise in managing large-scale projects, and the ability to collaborate seamlessly across all tiers of our organization.


  • Minimum 10+ years of experience in manufacturing and industrialisation of processes (ideally from lab scale to large industrial plants) with no accident
  • Ideally, possesses experience in battery recycling or metal recycling
  • Previous experience bridging research and operational implementation, particularly among engineers, scientists, and operational teams
  • Proven experience in site leadership encompassing operations, engineering, and maintenance roles
  • Proven experience in navigating the challenges and nuances of transitioning from small-scale to large-scale operations
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, with a track record of managing cross-functional teams
  • Proficiency in scaling laboratory processes to industrial production levels while maintaining efficiency and quality
  • Strong grasp of various unit operations, such as extraction, crystallization, filtration, distillation, and separation techniques
  • Knowledge of quality control methods and techniques to maintain consistent product quality
  • Understanding of supply chain principles to optimize the sourcing and distribution of raw materials and finished products
  • Proficiency in analyzing process data, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions for process improvement
  • Skills in project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation to oversee large-scale industrialization projects
  • Aptitude for identifying and resolving technical challenges that may arise during process operations
  • Leadership skills to manage cross-functional teams and foster collaboration among engineers, scientists, and operations personnel
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of handling conflict resolutions and negotiations
  • Ability to remain composed and effective in high-pressure situations
  • Excellent planning and ability to develop long-term strategies
  • Willingness to embrace challenges and break conventions
  • Capability to manage complex and innovative projects
  • Open-mindedness with an ego-free approach
  • Aptitude for strong team collaboration

Your role

  • Process Industrialization: Transform and adapt laboratory methodologies into industrial processes
  • Project Piloting: Prepare, orchestrate, and oversee the industrial pilot project
  • Strategy & Leadership: Develop and execute an industrialization strategy aligned with the large-scale agro-mining vision.
  • Coordinate and lead cross-functional teams to ensure smooth integration of operations
  • Budget Management: Create, oversee, and adjust the budgets for industrialization projects, ensuring wise resource allocation while incorporating investment strategies and capacity planning
  • Risk Management & Safety: Identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks, implementing appropriate safety protocols and target 0 accident at all time
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with various teams, including R&D, engineering, agronomy, and operations, to foster a harmonious and integrated workflow
  • Communication & Reporting: Provide regular updates to senior management and stakeholders on project progress, highlighting achievements, challenges, and upcoming objectives
  • Technological Scouting & Innovation: Actively explore innovative technologies and assess their potential integration
  • Optimization & Monitoring: Continuously monitor performance indicators and intervene to optimize processes based on feedback and analyses
  • Downstream Processing: Ensure efficient management and continuous improvement of downstream processing procedures
Recruitment Process
1. Complete the application form on Lever
2. First interview with the Head of Talent
3. Second interview with Lead Manager
4. Mission-specific case study (reviewed by the Head of Ops and the CEO)
5. Final on-site interview with co-founders